About us



Rainbow’s End is a manufacturing jewellery workshop run by myself, Alan Englert, with 46 years experience working in the professional jewellery industry. From 1995 to 2011 I was based at Westfields Tuggerah, as the on-site jeweller for, originally, Vivien’s Jewellers, recently called Zamel’s Jewellers.  From 2011-2014 we were located in a retail shop at Point Clare. Now based at Koolewong, I am delighted to be able to offer my services directly to the public, by appointment 


Rainbow’s End is not a mall-style retail shop, filled with large quantities of stock to browse. Rather, it is a private studio-style workshop where you are surrounded by the ambience of a creative space, rather than a hectic retail store.


We offer a full range of jewellery services, from the simplest repair work to hand-made manufacturing. Diamonds and precious gems are available to order, to suit your budget, preferences, and design style. We offer an obligation-free “on-approval” service for gemstones, whereby customers can request to see several stones of differing quality and price, to enable inspection and direct comparisons to be made. These stones are provided by our gem merchants for a limited period, usually a week, at no cost to the customer, and if none prove suitable are returned with no obligation.


We specialise in specialist sculpting of custom pieces in precious metal. If you want something unique – anything from “that special ring”, a green tree frog pendant, or a ring shaped like Ned Kelly’s helmet, for example - come and tell us all about it – we can do it!


Contact Alan on mobile 0415 171259

email  serenity1@skymesh.com.au 

Postal address :

P.O. Box 6326,

West Gosford. NSW 2250